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Deductible Portion of Dues

About this time, you are receiving a memo from OEA regarding the portion of the OEA/UniServ/NEA dues that is tax-deductible. We anticipate some inquiries from members about the portion of NEOEA dues that is tax-deductible.

Potential tax deductibility is calculated each year based on the organization’s IRS Form 990. Based on NEOEA’s Form 990 for the fiscal year running from September 1, 2011, to August 31, 2012, none of the NEOEA dues for that tax year is excluded from deductibility as a lobbying expense.

During that period, the “active” (full-time teacher or equivalent) NEOEA dues amount was a base of $28.00, plus a $1 political education assessment which has been authorized in our Bylaws since 2006.

The amounts actually charged were as follows:

  • Full-time “active” (teacher or equivalent), $29.00;
  • Full-time ESP, $15.00;
  • Half-time or less “active” (teacher or equivalent), $15.00;
  • Half-time or less ESP, $8.00.