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Strongsville EA on Strike

As of March 4, the Strongsville Education Association is on strike. We know that many NEOEA members and their families will want to do whatever they can to help Strongsville teachers in this difficult time.

Please read the following message sent this morning by OEA Staff Crisis Coordinator Sheila Saad.

Crisis Update: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

The Strongsville Education Association (SEA), representing 383 teachers, guidance counselors, and special education interventionists, is on strike. This strike for a fair and equitable contract began March 4th, and is now in its 8th week. A donation page for The Strongsville Education Association (SEA) has been set up. The fund will be used to pay medical bills and insurance premiums for members while they are on strike.

Although teachers have been receiving strike loans if they needed them, the money owed is growing rapidly. Additionally, teachers are days away from when they must elect COBRA if they wish to have insurance. The premium cost for insurance through a COBRA election is close to $2,000 per month for a family plan.

There is no end in sight to this strike. The Board’s proposal includes loss of seniority for lay-offs and loss of step increases as well as a refusal to accept a no-reprisal clause for the strike. They want the right to fire and/or discipline any SEA Member who they feel deserves it due to strike activities. Astoundingly, this Board of Education has rejected contract proposals from SEA that include 0% base increases for the duration of the contract, $1 million worth of insurance concessions, and a free half hour of teaching for every student every day, at no cost to the district.

It has become vividly apparent that the Board of Education (and even many community members in Strongsville) is intentionally prolonging the strike in an effort to break the SEA and push the need for Right to Work legislation. This strike is about so much more than the teachers in Strongsville; it is about saving public education in Ohio.

Please share the link below with anyone you think appropriate. If you are a local president, PLEASE share this with your members with an explanation as to why the outcome and success of this teacher strike is critical for all of them, too. Encourage donations. If each union member would donate between $1 and $5 on a one time basis, or perhaps each time he/she receives a paycheck, the members of SEA can continue to fight the fight for all of us without worrying about the health of their families.

This donation link is open to ANYONE. Please send the link and the explanation far and wide to your co-workers, families, friends, etc.

Our OEA brothers and sisters desperately need our help. The last thing we want is for any of them to feel that they have to cross the picket line in order to provide health insurance for their families. The Strongsville Education Association is fighting for all of us; and they need our financial help to do so.

Please click the link below to donate to the medical bills and insurance premiums of our fellow public school teachers and union members. They need our help; and we need them to succeed.

Your continued help and support is needed.

Please see below for ways you can help:

  • Join members on the picket line at any of the buildings throughout the district.
  • Send donations to the Strongsville Education Association in care of the OEA Middleburg Heights UniServ Office, 7530 Lucerne Drive, Suite 100, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130.
  • Contact local SEA crisis coordinator Sarah Silvestri at with notes of encouragement.
  • Stop by Strike Headquarters at the Painter and Tapers Union, 8257 Dow Circle, Strongsville, OH 44136.
  • Follow SEA on FaceBook at: and express your support.
  • Finally, encourage your family and/or friends who live in Strongsville to join SEA in letters and phone calls to the members of the Strongsville Board of Education to urge them to end the strike and bargain a fair contract:
  • In Solidarity,
    Mary Alice Conkey, NEOEA President

    Photos of events are also on