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2013 Leadership Summit: The Three Rs

Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic are as important as always, but in 2013 we’re learning a new Three Rs: Redistricting, Realignment, and Reapportionment. All three are the result of population shifts, and they profoundly affect how you and your local relate to your legislators, OEA service delivery, and Association governance.

Join the region’s local leaders and legislative activists for our annual Leadership Summit at St. Michael’s Woodside, 5025 East Mill Road, Broadview Heights, as we make sense of the new organizational geography of northeastern Ohio.

This event is structured for efficient use of time. The schedule for the evening is:
5:00-6:00: Buffet dinner
6:00-7:30: Program, featuring three caucuses:

  • REDISTRICTING: a look at where you and your local fit in to the new legislative districts that were imposed in 2011, created in 2012, and populated with new legislators in 2013;

  • REALIGNMENT: a status report on the realigned OEA service delivery system and new service councils in effect as of March 4;

  • REAPPORTIONMENT: an introduction to your new NEOEA governance unit that takes effect on September 1.

Each local president should attend. This is a Presidents Plus One event, so each president may register two people, which can include the President (or designee) and one other person (for example, a vice president or legislative activist). Also invited are all regional OEA staff, NEOEA Legislative Committee members, OEA Board liaisons, and the NEOEA Board of Directors. There is no registration fee: costs are paid by member dues.