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Social & Human Concerns

The Social and Human Concerns Committee will defend public education institutions, their students, and their employees against unjust attacks. The committee will study, evaluate, and recommend programs and activities that promote an understanding of human behavior and interaction, acceptance of others, and the value of cooperation through education. The committee will develop and recommend activities that address contemporary social and human issues. The committee will educate members on peace and international issues and recommend classroom materials on these topics to education employees.

Websites to check:
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Tolerance.Org
  • National Council for the Social Studies
  • Members of the Committee:

    Becky Miller, Tallmadge TA, Chairperson
    Kim Backus, Elyria EA, member
    Denise C. Edwards, Warrensville EA, member
    Marti Franks, Twinsburg EA-R, vice chair
    Melanie Hameed, Warren EA, liaison
    Kecia Sanders-Stewart, East Cleveland EA, liaison
    Patricia Sharkey, North Ridgeville EA-R, member
    Veronica Wadsworth, Warren EA, member

    Revised: 6/16/15