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The committee's purpose is to conduct all elections held at the Representative Assemblies. They develop and publish election and campaign rules. develop appropriate voting passes, count the votes, and report the election results.

Members of the Committee:

Ernestine Davis, East Cleveland EA, Chairperson
Kathy Abrahamson, Metzenbaum EA, liaison
Beryl Burkle, Bedford EA-R, consulting member
Joyce T. Cyrus, East Cleveland EA, member
Carol Dolgosh, Lakewood TA-R, member
Heather Gansler, Bedford EA, vice chair
Joyce Hives, East Cleveland EA-R, member
Richard Javorek, Brunswick EA-R, member
Tim Matheson, Midview EA-R, member
Tom Moscovic, Willoughby-Eastlake TA-R, member
Donna Palazzo, OEA-Independent, liaison
Melanie Podojil, Parma EA, member
David Saywell, Euclid TA-R, secretary
Jené Wilson, OEA-Independent, member

Revised: 6/8/15