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Education Support Professionals

The ESP Organizing Committee will promote the welfare of Education Support Professionals by identifying particular ESP concerns as topics for training workshops, by serving as a link between northeastern Ohio ESPs and those in other districts, and by fostering communication with the OEA ESP Department.

Check out:

  • NEA's National Council for Education Support Professionals
  • OEA ESP of the Year Award
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
  • Ohio School Employees Retirement System
  • State Employment Relations Board
  • We've also included reports on the SERS Board meetings on our Presidents' Page.

    Members of the Committee:

    Martha Miller, Ashtabula ACSE, Chairperson
    Barbara Armour, Brunswick ESP Assn., member
    Andrea Beeman, Maple Organization Support Team, member
    Sarah Carver, Mentor Classified Employees, member
    Barbara Catalano, Mayfield EA-R, member
    Diana Charters, Ashtabula ACSE, member
    Karla Hopkins, Maple Organization Support Team, membership pending
    Adele Matias, Mayfield EA-R, secretary
    Michele Puskar, Mayfield Association of Support Personnel, member
    Beverly Woolridge, Akron Assoc. of Classified Prof., member
    Karen Wright, Wellington Support Staff, liaison
    Ralph Wright, Wellington Support Staff-R, vice chair

    Revised: 6/24/14