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Constitutional Purpose
The purposes of the Association shall be: to serve as the voice for public education in northeastern Ohio; to advance the cause of education for all individuals; to promote professional improvement of its members; to promote recognition of the basic importance of the public educator in the learning process; to advance members’ interests and welfare; and to provide local association leaders with the tools to become more effective advocates for public education, members, and students.
(Constitution Article II Section 1. Purposes)
The NEOEA shall:
A. Serve as the voice for education in Northeastern Ohio
B. Advance the cause of education for all individuals
C. Promote the health and welfare of children and/or students
D. Promote professional excellence among educators
E. Gain recognition of the basic importance of the teacher in the learning process and other employees in the educational effort
F. Protect the rights of educational employees and advance their interests and welfare
G. Secure professional autonomy
H. Unite educational employees for effective citizenship
I. Promote and protect human and civil rights
J. Obtain for its members the benefits of an independent, united education profession

(Preamble of Resolutions document)

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