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The next Representative Assembly is scheduled to be: November 7, 2015, at Kenston High School.

Were you represented? See the RA attendance report from the Spring 2015 RA.

Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is the main governing body within the United Education Profession.  The state RA meets twice a year in Columbus, and each local may elect one delegate per 50 members or major fraction.  Those delegates are seated at the district RA, along with one additional delegate for every 100 members or fraction.  The district RA meets in November and April of each school year to conduct the business of the Association, including electing officers and enacting items of new business, a budget, and a comprehensive body of resolutions.

Two Directors are elected from each Unit or group of Local Associations at the Representative Assembly. Both serve on the NEOEA Board of Directors while one also serves on the OEA Board of Directors. Provision is also made for at-large representation and for representing retired members.